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Spring Cleaning

March 7, 2021

The previous photo shows approximately 50 mooring buoys that will be returning to Manchester Harbor next week. These moorings are located at Tuck's Point in front of the Chowder House (the 400 series of mooring numbers/formerly known as Area D).  This mooring area will be converted from single point moorings to fore and aft moorings-similar to the mooring area behind Town Hall.  All moorings in this area will be removed from the water to the shoreline nearby for temporary storage and inspection.  All tackle found in good condition will be re-used and a second mooring will be added.  All moorings will be inspected and approved by the Harbormaster prior to installation and returned as close as possible to their original locations.  This anchoring system should greatly improve the ability to navigate to and from individual moorings and eliminate contact between boats when moored.   Please feel free to reach out to Harbormaster Bion or us if you have any questions.

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