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Gilman Soft-Lite Buoy

Available Sizes:

30"OD x 3"ID x 15"HT - Net Buoyancy 352 lbs

24"OD x 3"ID x 18"HT - Net Buoyancy 268 lbs

24"OD x 3"ID x 16"HT - Net Buoyancy 240lbs

*OD - Outer Diameter, ID - Inner Diameter, HT - Height

The Softlite Gel Coat Hull-Friendly Mooring Buoy is soft, resilient, unsinkable, able to survive collisions and is far less abrasive on the hull than standard hard mooring buoys.


  • Manufactured using a UV-resistant, Schedule 40-or-higher PVC with chain tube centered through a closed cell foam and coated with weather-resistant urethane finish

  • High moisture vapor transmission rate of closed cell foam greatly reduces water absorbtion even during long-term immersion

  • Urethane coating has good elongation and tensile strength properties making it highly compatible with flotation foam

Homan "TITAN" Buoy 

The TITAN exterior shell is composed of polyethylene while the flotation is provided by a closed cell foam that will not absorb water. With a non marring PVC fender your buoy will not damage your vessels hull. The buoy design provides a larger area for pendant storage and fittings while allowing for mast buoy storage. The Homan “Hull Friendly” TITAN mooring buoy is the evolution of many years of manufacturing mooring buoys.

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Carolina Water Works Buoy

Available sizes - 18" or 24"

This Carolina Waterworks buoy contains a shackle pocket. The impact resistant high density polyethylene shell is 3/16” thick filled with expanded polystyrene foam for the most reliable flotation. Thick wear resistant polyethylene tube is molded into the shell. Standard buoy is white with a reflective blue strip.


***Note - This buoy may scratch your boat's gel coat. We recommend the Titan or Gilman buoy for scratch prevention

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