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We rig and install complete new moorings throughout our service area and will gladly email you a firm quote based on the location of your mooring and the size of your boat. 


All moorings require annual permitting through your local Harbormaster's office, their contact information is listed below.  No moorings can be installed, moved or have any other changes in boat or ownership without prior approval of the Harbormaster.


We also provide regular annual fall and spring service to the majority of our customers.  This service includes fall removal, cleaning and storing of buoys and rope, lubrication of shackles and sinking of your mooring chain over the winter -the best way to preserve it.  If the mooring is lost for any reason over the winter, we recover it at no additional cost.  In the spring, we freshen up the lettering on your buoys and reattach it to your mooring chain along with your pendants and pick up buoy if present.  Spring is when we fully inspect the mooring to make sure it is safe for the season.  If any materials are found to be worn, spring is when we replace them.  All chain, shackles, buoys and pendants we use are Made in U.S.A.  

Manchester Harbormaster

Bion Pike

10 Central St

Manchester, MA 01944

(978) 526 - 7832

Beverly Harbormaster

Peter Dickman 

11 Cabot St

Beverly, MA 01915

(978) 921 - 6059

Salem Harbormaster

William McHugh

51 Winter Island Road

Salem, MA 01970

(978) 741 - 0098

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